Association for a Progressive African Youth

AJAP Nigeria

A youth-inspired initiative to change the world

AJAP Nigeria was formed in 2016 with a vision to work with African youth to enable them to escape deprivation and poverty through finding meaningful work through education. It is involved in numerous projects and programs where young people are the beneficiaries.

Our work in Almajiri communities has in many cases doubled the number of primary school-aged children attending regular classes in any one area.

AJAP Nigeria is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission since May 28, 2019 with RC No CAC/II/No 129877. AJAP Nigeria has the certified requirement approved by the Nigerian Government to operate legally as a nonprofit and nonpolitical organisation.

We partner with Federal Ministry of Budget and Planning (Reg. No MBNP/NGO/IC/S 1171 2020), Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports, and Federal Ministry of Education (FME/NGO/RN.21/007 202), and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs (FMEASD/PRS/726/II). We are also partner with United Nations Economics and Social Council (ECOSOCC) and others.

AJAP Nigeria believes that long term solutions to climate change will only be achieved by awareness at grass-roots level, and this is a now a fundamental part of its work.

Ajap Nigeria in COP26

AJAP-NIGERIA attends COP26 climate conference and it is now member of the UN PCCB network.


Support our project to help the poor through education and feeding.

interview with dr jessica ashe

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